OPEC Background
Production, Revenue and Per Capita GDP
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A comparison of the per capita Gross Domestic Product of OPEC countries and the U.S.,  the world's largest consumer of petroleum, shows the stability of the U.S. economy compared to thoes of OPEC memebers. Due to a lack of data availability GDP data for Iraq is excluded from the graph on the left. The per capita GDP is expressed in U.S. dollars and is not adjusted for inflation.

In the graphs below, the revenue index is the price of crude oil times the volume produced by the country. The oil price used was U.S. Refinrs Aquisition Cost of Imported Crude Oil which is representative of international crude oil price movements. 

1971 Feb 24  Algeria nationalizes 51 percent of French oil concessions. 
1971 Apr 2. Agreement with majors raises posted prices of oil delivered to Mediterranean from $2.55 to $3.45 per barrel.
1992 Civil war begins, over 100,000 dead through 2000
2001 January - Oil and gas industry labor unions announce opposition to gplans to open up the industry to foreign investors, and threaten to strike.